Pbmtomda User Manual(0) Pbmtomda User Manual(0)

pbmtomda - convert a PBM image to a Microdesign .mda


[-d] [-i] [--]


This program is part of Netpbm(1)

pbmtomda reads a PBM image as input and produces a MicroDesign 2 area file (.MDA) as output.

If you do not specify pbmfile, pbmtomda uses Standard Input.

Halve the height of the output file, to compensate for the aspect ratio used in MicroDesign files.
Invert the colors used.
End of options (use this if the filename starts with '-')

There's no way to produce files in MicroDesign 3 format. MD3 itself and mdatopbm(1)
can read files in either format.

mdatopbm(1) , pbm(5)

Copyright (C) 1999 John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

3 June 1999 netpbm documentation