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An ncurses Spotify client written in Rust using librespot

ncspot is an ncurses Spotify client written in Rust using librespot. It is heavily inspired by ncurses MPD clients, such as ncmpc (https://musicpd.org/clients/ncmpc/). My motivation was to provide a simple and resource friendly alternative to the official client as well as to support platforms that currently don’t have a Spotify client, such as the *BSDs.

ncspot only works with a Spotify premium account as it offers features that are not available for free accounts.

Support for tracks, albums, playlists, genres, searching...
Small resource footprint
Support for a lot of platforms
Vim keybindings out of the box
IPC socket for remote control
Automatic authentication using a password manager

ncspot is available on macOS (Homebrew), Windows (Scoop, WinGet), Linux (native package and Flathub) and the BSD’s. Detailed installation instructions for each platform can be found here.

A configuration file can be provided. The default location is ~/.config/ncspot. Detailed configuration information can be found here.

Building ncspot requires a working Rust installation (https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install) and a Python 3 installation. To compile ncspot, run cargo build. For detailed instructions on building ncspot, there is more information here.

Information about provided files, how to generate some of them and current package status accross platforms can be found here.