maptool(1) USER COMMANDS maptool(1)

maptool - parse osm textfile and convert to Navit binfile format

For OSM XML data: bzcat planet.osm.bz2 | maptool mymap.bin [-h] [-6] [-a <level>] [-c] -[-d <connect string] [-e <phase>] [-i <file>] [-k] [-M] [-N] [-o] [-r <file>] [-s <phase>] [-S <size>] [-w] [-W] [-U] [-z <level>]

For OSM Protobuf/PBF data: maptool --protobuf -i planet.osm.pbf planet.bin [-h] [-6] [-a <level>] [-c] [-e <phase>] [-i <file>] [-k] [-M] [-N] [-o] [-P] [-r <file>] [-s <phase>] [-S <size>] [-w] [-W] [-U] [-z <level>]

maptool parses osm textfile and converts it to Navit binfile format

display a short help message
-6 (--64bit)
set zip 64 bit compression
control which data is included in the debug attribute
dump coordinates after phase 1
get osm data out of a postgresql database with osm simple scheme and given connect string
dump map data to standard output in Navit textfile format If this option is specified, the output file parameter must be omitted.
end at specified phase
enable experimental features (if available)
specify the input file name (OSM), overrules default stdin
do not delete tmp files after processing. useful to reuse them
input data is in o5m format
do not output ways and nodes with unknown type
process only nodes
input data is in pbf (Protocol Buffer) format
read mapping rules from specified file
start at specified phase
limit memory to use for some large internal buffers, in bytes. Default is 1 GB. Smaller slices reduce peak memory usage, at the cost of increased processing time.
set zip timestamp
ensure no duplicate ways or nodes. useful when using several input files
process only ways
add objects with unknown country to index
set maximum country index size in bytes
set the compression level

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