dmmp_strerror(3) Device Mapper Multipath API - libdmmp Manual dmmp_strerror(3)

dmmp_strerror - Convert error code to string.

const char * dmmp_strerror (int rc);

int. Return code by libdmmp functions. When provided error code is not a valid error code, return "Invalid argument".

Convert error code (int) to string (const char *):

* DMMP_OK -- "OK"

* DMMP_ERR_BUG -- "BUG of libdmmp library"

* DMMP_ERR_NO_MEMORY -- "Out of memory"

* DMMP_ERR_IPC_TIMEOUT -- "Timeout when communicate with multipathd, try to set bigger timeout value via dmmp_context_timeout_set ()"

* DMMP_ERR_IPC_ERROR -- "Error when communicate with multipathd daemon"

* DMMP_ERR_NO_DAEMON -- "The multipathd daemon not started"

* DMMP_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE -- "The multipathd daemon version is not compatible with current library"

* Other invalid error number -- "Invalid argument"

const char *. The meaning of provided error code.

dmmp_strerror March 2018