dmmp_path_status_get(3) Device Mapper Multipath API - libdmmp Manual dmmp_path_status_get(3)

dmmp_path_status_get - Retrieve the path status.

uint32_t dmmp_path_status_get (struct dmmp_path *dmmp_p);

Pointer of 'struct dmmp_path'. If this pointer is NULL, your program will be terminated by assert.

The valid path statuses are:



Path is down and you shouldn't try to send commands to it.


Path is up and I/O can be sent to it.


Only emc_clariion checker when path not available for "normal" operations.


Only hp_sw and rdac checkers. Indicates a "passive/standby" path on active/passive HP arrays. These paths will return valid answers to certain SCSI commands (tur, read_capacity, inquiry, start_stop), but will fail I/O commands. The path needs an initialization command to be sent to it in order for I/Os to succeed.


Available for all async checkers when a check IO is in flight.


Only tur checker when command timed out.


If a path fails after being up for less than delay_watch_checks checks, when it comes back up again, it will not be marked as up until it has been up for delay_wait_checks checks. During this time, it is marked as "delayed".


dmmp_path_status_get March 2018