dmmp_path_group_status_get(3) Device Mapper Multipath API - libdmmp Manual dmmp_path_group_status_get(3)

dmmp_path_group_status_get - Retrieve path group status.

uint32_t dmmp_path_group_status_get (struct dmmp_path_group *dmmp_pg);

Pointer of 'struct dmmp_path_group'. If this pointer is NULL, your program will be terminated by assert.

The valid path group statuses are:


* DMMP_PATH_GROUP_STATUS_ENABLED -- standby to be active

* DMMP_PATH_GROUP_STATUS_DISABLED -- disabled due to all path down

* DMMP_PATH_GROUP_STATUS_ACTIVE -- selected to handle I/O


dmmp_path_group_status_get March 2018