Mono(secutil) Mono(secutil)

secutil - Extract X.509 certificates and strongnames from assemblies.

secutil [options] filename

Extract X.509 certificates and strongnames from assemblies in a format that can be easily re-used in source code (C# or VB.NET syntax).

-s assembly , -strongname assembly
Display strongname informations about the assembly.
-x assembly , -x509certificate assembly
Display the X509 Authenticode certificate for the assembly.
-a , -array
Display data in a decimal array (default).
-v , -vbmode
Display data in a VisualBasic friendly format.
-c , -cmode
Display data in a C/C++/C# friendly format (default).
-help , -h , -?
Display help about this tool.

Written by Sebastien Pouliot

Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Motus Technologies. Released under BSD license.

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