Mono(cert2spc) Mono(cert2spc)

cert2spc - Transform multiple X.509 certificates to a Software Publisher Certificate

cert2spc certificate|crl [certificate|crl ...] outputfile.spc

Combine a list of X.509 certificates or X.509 CRL (Certificate Revocation List) into a Software Publisher Certificate (PKCS#7 file). The SPC file is required for signing a PE file (like an assembly) using signcode.

One (or more) X.509 certificate to add (space separated).
One (or more) X.509 CRL to add (space separated).
Software Publisher Certificate to output. If the specified file exists it will be overwritten.

Written by Sebastien Pouliot

Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Motus Technologies. Released under BSD license.

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