mperfmon(1) General Commands Manual mperfmon(1)

mperfmon - Mono Performance Counter Monitor

mperfmon [--config=FILE] [--report=REPORT_NAME] [--count=NUM] [pid]

Specifies the configuration file to load instead of the default one installed in the same directory as the app.
Instead of showing the GUI, run in console mode and print a report of the set of counters specified by REPORT_NAME and described in the config file. The report is printed for up to the number of times specified with the --count option. The pid argument is used as the instance name in the performance counters, it is typically the pid of a mono process.
Sets the number of times a report is printed in console mode. The default is 2.

mperfmon is a tool that allows you to monitor performance counters exposed by Mono processes or by the operating system. With the --report option it can be used on the console, otherwise a GUI is started. In GUI mode each counter added is monitored at user-specified time intervals (the default is 1 second) and it is shown in a graph as it changes over time.

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