send_midi(1) General Commands Manual send_midi(1)

send_midi - Send one or more MIDI events via ALSA or JACK

A simple utility to send MIDI events to any ALSA or JACK MIDI client, using a terse command line format.

-A, --alsa

Use the ALSA backend (default).

-J, --jack

Use the JACK backend.

-0, --zero-based

Determines whether channel & program numbers used in events have a data offset applied. When the flag is enabled, the numbers are 0-127. The default range is set to 1-128.

-h, --help

Shows a brief summary of how to use this program.


Shows the program version.

Send two events to LinuxSampler:0 while using the JACK backend.

send_midi -J LinuxSampler:0 NOTEON,1,60,127 CTRL,2,7,66

Send a SYSEX command to 14:0.

send_midi 14:0 SYSEX,F0,23,42,F7

See the online documentation at for current information on mididings and its related tools.

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