MD2HTML(1) General Commands Manual MD2HTML(1)

md2html - convert Markdown to HTML

md2html [OPTION]... [FILE]

Write output to OUTFILE instead of stdout(3)
Generate full HTML document, including header
Measure time of input parsing
Display help and exit
Display version and exit

CommonMark (the default)
Github Flavored Markdown

Note: dialect options are equivalent to some combination of flags below.

Collapse non-trivial whitespace
Do not translate entities
Allow ATX headers without delimiting space
Allow URL autolinks without "<" and ">" delimiters
Allow WWW autolinks without any scheme (e.g. "")
Allow e-mail autolinks without "<", ">" and "mailto:"
Enable all 3 of the above permissive autolinks options
Force all soft breaks to act as hard breaks
Disable indented code blocks
Disable raw HTML blocks
Disable raw HTML spans
Same as --fno-html-blocks --fno-html-spans
Enable tables
Enable strikethrough spans
Enable task lists

June 2019