LS++.CONF(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation LS++.CONF(1)

ls++.conf - ls++ configuration file

ls++.conf is the configuration file for ls++(1). ls++ first searches for it at ~/.config/ls++/ls++.conf then at ~/.ls++.conf then at ./ls++.conf and finally at /etc/ls++.conf.

Lines beginning with a '#' character are comments. All other non-empty lines are live Perl code. This gives a lot of power to the end user, but it also allows for fuckups.

Please don't fuckup.

Array containting the characters to use for delimiting the columns.
Array containing the colors to be used.
Colorscheme to be used.
A hash where its keys are patterns (possibly valid regular expressions) to be matched against the files. The values should be attributes or colors which will be added to the output.

This does the same thing as LS_COLORS, except that you can match against the full filname, and not only the extension. Using LS_COLORS, you could never match README or Makefile for example. Those two are matched by default.

The special value IGNORE will ignore all files matching the key pattern.

The default colortable left here for reference (ANSI colors).

0    NULL              black
1    NULL              bright black
2    K                 red
3    G, sec            bright red
4    day               green
5    +x                bright green
6    +r                yellow
7    +w, M             bright yellow
8    other             blue
9    hour              bright blue
10                     magenta
11   +s                bright magenta
12                     cyan
13   link              bright cyan
14   B, month, delim   white
16                      reset
17                      bold

Magnus Woldrich

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Copyright (C) 2010 Magnus Woldrich. All right reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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