LS++(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation LS++(1)

ls++ - colorized ls on steroids

ls++ [VIEW..] [OPTIONS..] [FILE]

ls++ is what GNU/BSD ls would look like with extensive makeup applied.


--pf    permissions, file
--psf   permissions, size, file
--ptsf  permissions, time, size, file
--potsf permissions, owner, time, size, file


--help  show the help and exit
--man   show the manpage and exit

Not known parameters will be passed through to ls, so to show hidden files, "-a" or "-A" might be added. See ls(1) for more information.

I wanted to re-arrange the ls output just like one can do with the -printf option to GNU find. Sadly, there are no -printf option available for ls, so I threw together a quick hack called 'pilsner' that did what I wanted and nothing more, nothing less. Not very useful to others.

Mattias Svanström crafted together the 'l' application which did basicly the same thing but more elegant and with a nice twist; it calculated relative mtimes.

I really liked that idea, but there were a couple of annoyances, so I forked the project and added a configuration file, support for flags that'll control the different views and possiblity to ignore certain files amongst other things.

Magnus Woldrich

The relative time calculations is made by Mattias Svanström.

crshd added optional user:group display.

Copyright 2010, 2011 the ls++ "AUTHOR" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.

This application is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself




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