lostfile(1) lostfile(1)

lostfiles - Find orphaned files not owned by any packages.

lostfiles [-s] [-z]

Lostfiles compares pacman's database of package owned files to the contents of actual filesystem and reports files that are not owned by a package. Useful for identifying non-native files.


  Run in strict mode which aims to be more verbose ignoring less.
  Print and sort by size of matches.

/etc/lostfiles.conf can be customized with a list of paths to include and exclude when running in relaxed mode. Each line beginning with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, followed by an absolute path, will respectively include or exclude that path from the results. An asterisk (*) wildcard can be used as a placeholder matching any string. Additionally, more complicated exclusion filters can be expressed by a line beginning with a dollar ($) sign, followed by command-line arguments to pass to the find utility. Finally, lines beginning with a number sign (#) are interpreted as comments.

Users wishing to contribute to this code, should fork and send a pull request. Source is freely available at:

Current maintainer:

graysky <graysky AT archlinux DOT org>

Past major contributors:

  • Joan Bruguera (joanbrugueram AT gmail DOT com)
  • Mircea Bardac (dev AT mircea.bardac.net)
  • Modified by Jan Janssen, graysky, karol, asdffdsa, iceram, and others.
23 October 2020