LV2APPLY(1) General Commands Manual LV2APPLY(1)

lv2applyapply an LV2 plugin to an audio file

lv2apply [-Vh] [-c symbol value] [-i in_file] [-o out_file] [--help] [--version] plugin_uri

lv2apply runs an LV2 plugin on an audio file and writes the processed output to another.

The options are as follows:

, --version
Display version information and exit.
symbol value
Set control port symbol to value.
, --help
Print the command line options.
Input file path.
Output file path.

List of directories to search for LV2 plugin bundles, in the style of PATH.

lv2apply exits with a status of 0, or non-zero if an error occurred.

lv2apply is a part of lilv, by David Robillard

November 29, 2022 Lilv 0.24.24