XpSelectInput(3Xp) XPRINT FUNCTIONS XpSelectInput(3Xp)

XpSelectInput - Specifies which X Print events, from the specified print context, the client is interested in.

void XpSelectInput ( display, context, event_mask )
Display *display;
XPContext context;
unsigned long event_mask;

Specifies a pointer to the Display structure; returned from XOpenDisplay.
Specifies the print context from which to select events.
Specifies the event mask. This mask is the bitwise OR one or more of the valid events mask bits (see below).

XpSelectInput selects which X Print events from the specified print context the client is interest in. The X Print Events are generated from a current print context, and not from a window as is the case with XSelectInput.

The bits for event_mask are defined in <X11/extensions/Print.h>:

#define XPNoEventMask 0
#define XPPrintMask (1L<<0)
#define XPAttributeMask (1L<<1)
The resulting events are defined in <X11/extensions/Print.h>:

#define XPPrintNotify 0
#define XPAttributeNotify 1

The value specified for event_mask is not valid.
The specified print context is not valid.

libXp 1.0.4 X Version 11