XpGetAttributes(3Xp) XPRINT FUNCTIONS XpGetAttributes(3Xp)

XpGetAttributes - Gets an attribute pool from the specified print context.

cc [ flag... ] file... -lXp [ library... ]
#include <X11/extensions/Print.h>

char *XpGetAttributes ( display, context, type )
Display *display;
XPContext context;
XPAttributes type;

Specifies a pointer to the Display structure; returned from XOpenDisplay.
The print context from which the attribute pool is to be retrieved.
Specifies the attribute pool.

XpGetAttributes returns a pool, a COMPOUND_TEXT resource string representing the attribute pool specified by type. The caller is expected to free pool when it is no longer needed using XFree.

The attribute pool (hence the resource string) consists of many name-value pairs (for example, "copy-count: 3"). The syntax of an attribute pool is the same as an X resource file (see "Resource File Syntax" in the Xlib specification).

Valid characters for each name (left hand side) are derived from the Posix which is "a"-"z" and "A"="Z" and"0"-"9" and "_" and "-". Valid characters for each value (right hand side) are all characters except NULL and unescaped NEWLINE, though all predefined values in the X Print Service are confined to X Portable Character Set (XPCS) characters. Non XPCS values are typically limited to localized "description" strings. See XpCreateContext regarding the locale hint for more information on localized values.

If any errors occur, XpGetAttributes returns NULL.

The values for the typedef XPAttributes in <X11/extensions/Print.h> are:

#define XPJobAttr 1 /∗ get/set */
#define XPDocAttr 2 /∗ get/set */
#define XPPageAttr 3 /∗ get/set-subset of XPDocAttr */
#define XPPrinterAttr 4 /∗ get only (library) */
#define XPServerAttr 5 /∗ get only (library), no context needed */

Insufficient memory.
The value specified for type is not valid.
The specified print context-id is not valid.



libXp 1.0.4 X Version 11