xcb_free_cursor(3) XCB Requests xcb_free_cursor(3)

xcb_free_cursor - Deletes a cursor

#include <xcb/xproto.h>

xcb_void_cookie_t xcb_free_cursor(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_cursor_t cursor);

The XCB connection to X11.
The cursor to destroy.

Deletes the association between the cursor resource ID and the specified cursor. The cursor is freed when no other resource references it.

Returns an xcb_void_cookie_t. Errors (if any) have to be handled in the event loop.

If you want to handle errors directly with xcb_request_check instead, use xcb_free_cursor_checked. See xcb-requests(3) for details.

The specified cursor does not exist.


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