xcb_dri2_invalidate_buffers_event_t(3) XCB Events xcb_dri2_invalidate_buffers_event_t(3)

xcb_dri2_invalidate_buffers_event_t -

#include <xcb/dri2.h>

typedef struct xcb_dri2_invalidate_buffers_event_t {

uint8_t response_type;
uint8_t pad0;
uint16_t sequence;
xcb_drawable_t drawable; } xcb_dri2_invalidate_buffers_event_t;

The type of this event, in this case XCB_DRI2_INVALIDATE_BUFFERS. This field is also present in the xcb_generic_event_t and can be used to tell events apart from each other.
The sequence number of the last request processed by the X11 server.

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