VOIKKOVFSTC(1) General Commands Manual VOIKKOVFSTC(1)

voikkovfstc - compiler for Varissuo finite state transducers

voikkovfstc -o filename [options]

voikkovfstc is a compiler for Varissuo finite state transducers that are used as dictionaries for libvoikko, a library of language tools. The compiler reads the transducer from stdin in unweighted or weighted AT&T format.

Specify name for output file.
Specify format for output file. Possible formats are 'be' (big endian), 'le' (little endian) or 'native' (use the endianess of the host). Default is 'le'.
Produce weighted transducers instead of unweighted transducers. Input must be in weighted AT&T format. weight_type must be either 'prob' (probability weights) or 'log' (negative logarithm weights).

voikkovfstc and this manual page were written by Harri Pitkänen (hatapitk@iki.fi).