inetcat(1) General Commands Manual inetcat(1)

inetcat - Opens a read/write interface via STDIN/STDOUT to a TCP port on a usbmux device


inetcat is a simple netcat-like tool that allows opening a read/write interface to a TCP port on a usbmux device and exposing it via STDIN/STDOUT.

Target specific device by UDID. Note that if this option is not specified, inetcat will connect to the first device found.
Connect to network device. The device needs to have WiFi sync enabled and needs to be paired with this computer for this to work. Please note that a device might close connections at any time to save power. This option will make inetcat connect to network attached devices only, unless -l is passed too (see below).
Connect to USB device. This is the default if no option is passed. If used together with -n, inetcat will first attempt a connection to a device attached via USB, and if not available attempt to reach a device via network.
Prints usage information.
Increase debug level.

Use ssh ProxyCommand to connect to a jailbroken iOS device via SSH:

$ ssh -oProxyCommand="inetcat 22" root@localhost

Used in SSH config file to connect to iOS Device:

$ cat ~/.ssh/config Host myiphone
User root
ProxyCommand "icat 22 UDID_of_my_iphone" $ ssh myiphone

Adrien Guinet