TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get(3) TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get(3)

TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get - get the value of the TPMEstablished flag

TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Reset - reset the TPMEstablished flag

TPM library (libtpms, -ltpms)

#include <libtpms/tpm_types.h>

#include <libtpms/tpm_tis.h>

#include <libtpms/tpm_error.h>

TPM_RESULT TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get(TPM_BOOL *tpmEstablished);

TPM_RESULT TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Reset(void);

The TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get() function returns the value of the TPMEstablished flag of the TPM's permanent data.

The TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Reset() function resets the TPMEstablished flag.

The function completed successfully.
General failure.
The locality used for resetting the flags is wrong.

For a complete list of TPM error codes please consult the include file libtpms/tpm_error.h

TPMLIB_MainInit(3), TPMLIB_Terminate(3), TPMLIB_RegisterCallbacks(3), TPMLIB_Process(3), TPM_IO_Hash_Start(3), TPM_IO_Hash_End(3), TPM_IO_Hash_Data(3)

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