TPMLIB_ValidateState(3) TPMLIB_ValidateState(3)

TPMLIB_ValidateState - Validate the state blobs of the TPM

TPM library (libtpms, -ltpms)

#include <libtpms/tpm_library.h>

uint32_t TPMLIB_ValidateState(TPMLIB_StateType st,
unsigned int flags);

The TPMLIB_ValidateState() function allows to validate the state blobs that the TPM would read upon TPMLIB_MainInit() or once the TPM_Startup command has been sent to it.

This function is useful for TPM state migration between possibly different version of libtpms. Here the target libtpms needs to be able to determine whether it can support the version of blobs that were migrated and if this is not the case, the caller can refuse the migration.

The tpmlib_state parameter can be a logical 'or' of one or multiple of of the following: TPMLIB_STATE_PERMANENT, TPMLIB_STATE_VOLATILE, or TPMLIB_STATE_SAVE_STATE. The flags parameter is currently not used and should be set to 0.

The first state blob that should be loaded is the permanent state, since for example the volatile state requires it to be available for validation.

This function should be called before TPMLIB_MainInit() is invoked.

TPMLIB_MainInit(3), TPMLIB_Terminate(3)

2023-05-07 libtpms