TPMLIB_SetBufferSize(3) TPMLIB_SetBufferSize(3)

TPMLIB_SetBufferSize - Set the TPM's I/O buffer size

TPM library (libtpms, -ltpms)

#include <libtpms/tpm_library.h>

uint32_t TPMLIB_SetBufferSize(uint32_t, uint32_t *, uint32_t *);

The TPMLIB_SetBufferSize() function sets the size of the buffer the TPM can use for input and output and that it advertises to users. It also allows to get the minimum and maximum supported buffer size.

If 0 is given on input, the currently used buffer size is returned. Any other number will try to change the buffer size. The returned size may be smaller than the requested one, if the requested one was above a maximum. The returned size may be larger than the requested one, if the requested one was below a minimum.

This function must be called after TPMLIB_ChooseTPMVersion() has been called. It should not be called after TPMLIB_MainInit() has been called but can again be called once TPMLIB_Terminate() has been called.

TPMLIB_ChooseTPMVersion(3), TPMLIB_MainInit(3), TPMLIB_Terminate(3)

2023-05-07 libtpms