tiffset - set or unset a field in a TIFF header

tiffset [ options ] filename.tif

tiffset sets the value of a TIFF header to a specified value or removes an existing setting.

Change the current directory (starting at 0).
Set the value of the named tag to the value or values specified.
Change the current directory by offset.
Set the value of the tag to the contents of filename. This option is supported for ASCII tags only.
Unset the tag.

The following example sets the image description tag (270) of a.tif to the contents of the file descrip:

tiffset -sf 270 descrip a.tif

The following example sets the artist tag (315) of a.tif to the string Anonymous:

tiffset -s 315 Anonymous a.tif

This example sets the resolution of the file a.tif to 300 dpi:

tiffset -s 296 2 a.tif
tiffset -s 282 300.0 a.tif
tiffset -s 283 300.0 a.tif

Set the photometric interpretation of the third page of a.tif to min-is-black (ie. inverts it):

tiffset -d 2 -s 262 1 a.tif

tiffdump (1), tiffinfo (1), tiffcp (1), libtiff (3tiff)

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