testsolv - run a libsolv testcase through the solver


The testsolv tools can be used to run a testcase. Testcases can either be manually created to test specific features, or they can be written by libsolv’s testcase_write function. This is useful to evaluate bug reports about the solver.


Increase the debug level of the solver. This option can be specified multiple times to further increase the amount of debug data.


Write the output in testcase format instead of human readable text. The output can then be used in the result section of the test case. If the -r option is given twice, the output is formatted for verbatim inclusion.


Instead of running the solver, list packages in the repositories.


This is used in the solver test suite to test the calculated solutions to encountered problems.

Michael Schroeder <mls@suse.de>

03/25/2024 libsolv