unopkg(1) User Command unopkg(1)

unopkg - LibreOffice Extension Manager

unopkg [add] <options> extension-path...
unopkg [remove] <options> extension-identifier...
unopkg [list] <options> extension-identifier...
unopkg [reinstall] <options>
unopkg [gui]
unopkg [--help|-h]

LibreOffice is a fully featured office suite for the daily use with all features you would normally expect in an office suite.

There exists many LibreOffice extensions all over the world. For example, see

This tool allows managing the extensions from the command line.

add the given extensions
remove extensions by the given identifiers
reinstall all deployed extensions (only for experts)
list information about the deployed extensions
raise Extensions dialog

display help and exit
output version information and exit
verbose output
force overwriting existing extensions
custom log file; the default one is <cache-dir>/log.txt
operate on the system installation deployment context; use only when no concurrent Office process(es) are running! (only for experts)
operate on explicit deployment context (only for experts)

See for more details about how to report bugs in LibreOffice.

This manual page was created by Petr Mladek <>.

2008-03-18 LibreOffice Extension Manager