ndptool(8) System Manager's Manual ndptool(8)

ndptool — Neighbor Discovery Protocol tool

ndptool -h

ndptool is a tool which provides wrapper over Neighbor Discovery Protocol messages.

Print help text to console and exit.
Increase output verbosity.
Specified message type. Following are supported:

rs - Router Solicitation.

ra - Router Advertisement.

ns - Neighbor Solicitation.

na - Neighbor Advertisement.

Specified interface name.
Specified dest address in IPv6 header for NS/NA message.
Specified target address in ICMPv6 header for NS/NA message.
Send Unsolicited NA.

Monitor incoming NDP messages and print them out.
Send NDP message of specified type.

Jiri Pirko is the original author and current maintainer of libndp.

16 April 2013 libndp