DJXL(1)   DJXL(1)

djxl - decompress JPEG XL images

djxl [options...] input.jxl [output]

djxl decompresses a JPEG XL image or animation. The output format is determined by the extension of the output file, which can be .png, .jpg, .ppm, .pfm. If the JPEG XL input file contains an animation, multiple output files will be produced, with names of the form "output-framenumber.ext".

-h, --help

Displays the options that djxl supports.

-j, --pixels_to_jpeg

By default, if the input JPEG XL contains a recompressed JPEG file, djxl reconstructs the exact original JPEG file if the output file has the .jpg (or .jpeg) filename extension. This flag causes the decoder to instead decode the image to pixels and encode a new (lossy) JPEG in this case.

-q quality, --jpeg_quality=quality

When decoding to .jpg, use this output quality. This option implicitly enables the --pixels_to_jpeg option.

# Decompress a JPEG XL file to PNG
$ djxl input.jxl output.png
# Reconstruct a losslessly-recompressed JPEG file
$ djxl lossless-jpeg.jxl reconstructed.jpeg