gsf - archiving utility using the G Structured File library


This manual page briefly documents the gsf command.

gsf is a simple archive utility, somewhat similar to tar(1). It operates on files following one of the structured file formats understood by the G Structured File library, for example, Microsoft Excel(TM) files.

-?, --help
Show help options
Display gsf's version

Output one or more files in archive
Dump one or more files in archive as formatted hexadecimal
List subcommands
List files in archive
Archive list of property names

To list the content structure of a Microsoft Excel(TM) file arrays.xls:

gsf list arrays.xls

To dump Workbook, an individual data stream in arrays.xls:

gsf dump arrays.xls Workbook

gsf's primary authors are Morten Welinder <> and Jody Goldberg <>.

The initial version of this manpage was written by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) <>.


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29 November 2009 gsf