fi_errno(3) Libfabric v1.21.0 fi_errno(3)

fi_errno - fabric errors

fi_strerror - Convert fabric error into a printable string

#include <rdma/fi_errno.h>
const char *fi_strerror(int errno);

No such file or directory.
I/O error
Argument list too long.
Bad file number.
Try again.
Out of memory.
Permission denied.
Device or resource busy
No such device
Invalid argument
Too many open files
No space left on device
Function not implemented
Operation would block
No message of desired type
No data available
Value too large for defined data type
Message too long
Protocol not available
Operation not supported on transport endpoint
Address already in use
Cannot assign requested address
Network is down
Network is unreachable
Software caused connection abort
Connection reset by peer
No buffer space available
Transport endpoint is already connected
Transport endpoint is not connected
Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
Operation timed out
Connection refused
Host is down
No route to host
Operation already in progress
Operation now in progress
Remote I/O error
Operation Canceled
Required key not available
Key was rejected by service
Unspecified error
Provided buffer is too small
Operation not permitted in current state
Error available
Flags not supported
Missing or unavailable event queue
Invalid resource domain
Missing or unavailable completion queue
CRC error
Truncation error
Required key not available
Missing or unavailable address vector
Queue has been overrun
Receiver not ready, no receive buffers available
Memory registration limit exceeded



2024-03-21 Libfabric Programmer’s Manual