CK_PR_FENCE_RELEASE(3) Library Functions Manual CK_PR_FENCE_RELEASE(3)

ck_pr_fence_releaseenforce release semantics

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_pr.h>


This function enforces the partial ordering of any loads prior to invocation with respect to any following stores and any stores prior to invocation with respect to any following stores.

This function has no return value.

ck_pr_stall(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_store(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_load(3), ck_pr_fence_acquire(3), ck_pr_fence_store(3), ck_pr_fence_memory(3), ck_pr_barrier(3), ck_pr_fas(3), ck_pr_load(3), ck_pr_store(3), ck_pr_faa(3), ck_pr_inc(3), ck_pr_dec(3), ck_pr_neg(3), ck_pr_not(3), ck_pr_add(3), ck_pr_sub(3), ck_pr_and(3), ck_pr_or(3), ck_pr_xor(3), ck_pr_cas(3), ck_pr_btc(3), ck_pr_bts(3), ck_pr_btr(3)

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January 2, 2014