ck_pr_fence_load(3) Library Functions Manual ck_pr_fence_load(3)

ck_pr_fence_loadenforce partial ordering of load operations

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_pr.h>



This function enforces the ordering of any memory load and (3) operations relative to the invocation of the function. Any store operations that were committed on remote processors and received by the calling processor before the invocation of () is also be made visible only after a call to ck_pr_fence_load(). This function always serves as an implicit compiler barrier. On architectures with CK_MD_TSO or CK_MD_PSO specified (total store ordering and partial store ordering respectively), this operation only serves as a compiler barrier and no fence instructions will be emitted. To force the unconditional emission of a load fence, use (). Architectures implementing CK_MD_RMO always emit a load fence.

#include <ck_pr.h>

static unsigned int a;
static unsigned int b;

	unsigned int snapshot_a, snapshot_b;

	snapshot_a = ck_pr_load_uint(&a);

	 * Guarantee that the load from "a" completes
	 * before the load from "b".
	snapshot_b = ck_pr_load_uint(&b);


This function has no return value.

ck_pr_stall(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_store(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_load(3), ck_pr_fence_load_atomic(3), ck_pr_fence_load_store(3), ck_pr_fence_load_depends(3), ck_pr_fence_store(3), ck_pr_fence_memory(3), ck_pr_barrier(3), ck_pr_fas(3), ck_pr_load(3), ck_pr_store(3), ck_pr_faa(3), ck_pr_inc(3), ck_pr_dec(3), ck_pr_neg(3), ck_pr_not(3), ck_pr_add(3), ck_pr_sub(3), ck_pr_and(3), ck_pr_or(3), ck_pr_xor(3), ck_pr_cas(3), ck_pr_btc(3), ck_pr_bts(3), ck_pr_btr(3)

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April 7, 2013