CK_PR_FENCE_ATOMIC(3) Library Functions Manual CK_PR_FENCE_ATOMIC(3)

ck_pr_fence_atomicenforce partial ordering of atomic read-modify-write operations

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_pr.h>



The () function enforces the ordering of any atomic read-modify-write operations relative to the invocation of the function. This function always serve as an implicit compiler barrier. On architectures implementing CK_MD_TSO, this operation only serves as a compiler barrier and no fences are emitted. On architectures implementing CK_MD_PSO and CK_MD_RMO, a store fence is emitted. To force the unconditional emission of a fence, use ().

#include <ck_pr.h>

static int a = 0;
static int b = 0;
static int c = 0;


	ck_pr_fas_int(&a, 1);

	 * Guarantee that the update to a is completed
	 * with respect to the updates of b and c.
	ck_pr_fas_int(&b, 2);
	ck_pr_fas_int(&c, 2);


This function has no return value.

ck_pr_stall(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_store(3), ck_pr_fence_atomic_load(3), ck_pr_fence_store(3), ck_pr_fence_load(3), ck_pr_fence_load_atomic(3), ck_pr_fence_load_store(3), ck_pr_fence_load_depends(3), ck_pr_fence_memory(3), ck_pr_barrier(3), ck_pr_fas(3), ck_pr_load(3), ck_pr_store(3), ck_pr_faa(3), ck_pr_inc(3), ck_pr_dec(3), ck_pr_neg(3), ck_pr_not(3), ck_pr_add(3), ck_pr_sub(3), ck_pr_and(3), ck_pr_or(3), ck_pr_xor(3), ck_pr_cas(3), ck_pr_btc(3), ck_pr_bts(3), ck_pr_btr(3)

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May 16, 2013