CK_HT_NEXT(3) Library Functions Manual CK_HT_NEXT(3)

ck_ht_nextiterate to next entry in hash table

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_ht.h>

ck_ht_next(ck_ht_t *ht, ck_ht_iterator_t *iterator, ck_ht_entry_t **entry);

The () function will increment the iterator object pointed to by iterator to point to the next non-empty hash table entry. If ck_ht_next() returns true then the pointer pointed to by entry is initialized to the current hash table entry pointed to by the iterator object.

It is expected that iterator has been initialized using the ck_ht_iterator_init(3) function or statically initialized using CK_HT_ITERATOR_INITIALIZER.

If ck_ht_next() returns true then the object pointed to by entry points to a valid hash table entry. If ck_ht_next() returns false then value of the object pointed to by entry is undefined.

Behavior is undefined if iterator or ht are uninitialized.

ck_ht_stat(3), ck_ht_init(3), ck_ht_destroy(3), ck_ht_hash(3), ck_ht_hash_direct(3), ck_ht_set_spmc(3), ck_ht_put_spmc(3), ck_ht_gc(3), ck_ht_get_spmc(3), ck_ht_grow_spmc(3), ck_ht_remove_spmc(3), ck_ht_count(3), ck_ht_reset_spmc(3), ck_ht_reset_size_spmc(3), ck_ht_entry_empty(3), ck_ht_entry_key_set(3), ck_ht_entry_key_set_direct(3), ck_ht_entry_key_length(3), ck_ht_entry_key(3), ck_ht_entry_set(3), ck_ht_entry_set_direct(3), ck_ht_entry_key_direct(3), ck_ht_entry_value(3), ck_ht_entry_value_direct(3), ck_ht_iterator_init(3)

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March 30, 2012