CK_EPOCH_REGISTER(3) Library Functions Manual CK_EPOCH_REGISTER(3)

ck_epoch_registerregister a thread for epoch reclamation

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_epoch.h>

ck_epoch_register(ck_epoch_t *epoch, ck_epoch_record_t *record, void *cl);

The (3) function associates a record object specified by the record pointer with the epoch object pointed to by epoch. Any thread or processor that will require safe memory reclamation guarantees must register a unique record object. After registration, the object pointed to by the record argument will have lifetime managed by the underlying epoch sub-system. The record object must not be destroyed after it is associated with a ck_epoch_register(3) call. An optional context pointer cl may be passed that is retrievable with the (3) function.

This function has no return value.

ck_epoch_init(3), ck_epoch_unregister(3), ck_epoch_recycle(3), ck_epoch_poll(3), ck_epoch_synchronize(3), ck_epoch_reclaim(3), ck_epoch_barrier(3), ck_epoch_call(3), ck_epoch_begin(3), ck_epoch_end(3)

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September 2, 2012