CK_ARRAY_COMMIT(3) Library Functions Manual CK_ARRAY_COMMIT(3)

ck_array_commitlinearization point for mutations before commit call

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_array.h>

ck_array_commit(ck_array_t *array);

The (3) function will commit any pending put or remove operations associated with the array. The function may end up requesting the safe reclamation of memory actively being iterated upon by other threads.

This function returns true if the commit operation succeeded. It will return false otherwise, and pending operations will not be applied.

ck_array_init(3), ck_array_put(3), ck_array_put_unique(3), ck_array_remove(3), ck_array_deinit(3) ck_array_length(3), ck_array_buffer(3), ck_array_initialized(3), CK_ARRAY_FOREACH(3)

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October 18, 2013