FBB::Xpointer(3bobcat) Sets the X-pointer FBB::Xpointer(3bobcat)

FBB::Xpointer - Sets the location of the X-windows pointer

#include <bobcat/xpointer>

Linking option: -lbobcat -lX11

This class allows programs running within the X-graphical environment to set and retrieve the X-windows pointer location.

All constructors, members, operators and manipulators, mentioned in this man-page, are defined in the namespace FBB.


The default constructor. Connects to the Display. throws an Exception exception if the display cannot be opened. With multiple Xpointer objects, the connection to the display is opened only once.
This constructor throws an Exception exception if it could not connect to the Display.

Copy and move constructors (and assignment operators) are available.

bool get(int *x, int *y) const:
Returns in its arguments the currnet pointer coordinates relative to the root-window. On success true is returned; false is returned if the pointer could not be moved.
bool set(int x, int y) const:
Sets the pointer to a location whose pixel coordinates are given with respect to the root-window. A negative x-coordinate is measured from the right screen-margin of the root window (going left), a negative y-coordinate is measured from the bottom screen-margin of the root window (going up). On success true is returned; false is returned if the pointer could not be moved.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <bobcat/xpointer>
using namespace FBB;
int main()

Xpointer xpointer;
if (!xpointer.set(100, 200))
throw string("Set pointer failed");
int x;
int y;
if (!xpointer.get(&x, &y))
throw string("Get pointer failed");
cout << "Pointer now at " << x << ", " << y << ’\n’; } catch (string msg) {
cout << msg << ’\n’;
return 1; }

bobcat/xpointer - defines the class interface


Note that -lX11 must be specified as well.

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Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken’s Own Base Classes And Templates’.

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