FBB::SharedBlock(3bobcat) Shared Memory Block FBB::SharedBlock(3bobcat)

FBB::SharedBlock - Shared memory data block info

#include <bobcat/sharedblock>
Linking option: -lpthread, -lbobcat

FBB::SharedBlock objects are used by FBB::SharedSegment to access the IDs and shared memory locks of shared memory data segments.

All constructors, members, operators and manipulators, mentioned in this man-page, are defined in the namespace FBB.


Only the default constructor is available. Copy and move assignment operators are not available.

size_t id() const:
The object’s stored ID value is returned.
void lock() const:
When returning from this member, the current process has obtained the FBB::SharedBlock’s shared memory mutex lock.
void setID(size_t id):
The object’s stored ID value is set to id.
void unlock() const:
The shared memory segment’s mutex lock is released.

See the sharedstream(3bobcat) man page.

bobcat/sharedblock - defines the class interface

bobcat(7) isharedstream(3bobcat), osharedstream(3bobcat), sharedcondition(3bobcat), sharedmemory(3bobcat), sharedmutex(3bobcat), sharedpos(3bobcat), sharedreadme(7bobcat), sharedsegment(3bobcat), sharedstream(3bobcat), sharedbuf(3bobcat)

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Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken’s Own Base Classes And Templates’.

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