lftpget(1) General Commands Manual lftpget(1)

lftpget - get a file with lftp(1)

lftpget [-c] [-d] [-v] URL [URL...]

This manual page documents briefly the lftpget command.

lftpget is a shell script for downloading by URL, it calls `lftp -c'. It supports the same set of protocols as lftp does, including ftp, http, fish, sftp.

Continue a previous download.
Debug output.
Verbose messages.

lftp(1), wget(1).

lftpget is Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Alexander V. Lukyanov <lav@yars.free.net>.

This manual page was initially written by Francois Wendling <frwendling@free.fr> and later updated by Alexander V. Lukyanov.

31 December 2005