CBLAS/src/cblas_cher2k.c(3) Library Functions Manual CBLAS/src/cblas_cher2k.c(3)


#include 'cblas.h'
#include 'cblas_f77.h'

#define F77_TR &TR
#define F77_UL &UL
#define F77_N N
#define F77_K K
#define F77_lda lda
#define F77_ldb ldb
#define F77_ldc ldc

void API_SUFFIX cblas_cher2k (const CBLAS_LAYOUT layout, const CBLAS_UPLO Uplo, const CBLAS_TRANSPOSE Trans, const CBLAS_INT N, const CBLAS_INT K, const void *alpha, const void *A, const CBLAS_INT lda, const void *B, const CBLAS_INT ldb, const float beta, void *C, const CBLAS_INT ldc)

Definition at line 12 of file cblas_cher2k.c.

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