kcutiltest - command line interface to test the utility functions

The command `kcutiltest' is a utility for facility test and performance test of the utility functions. This command is used in the following format. `rnum' specifies the number of iterations. `path' specifies the path of a file.

kcutiltest mutex [-th num][-iv num]rnum
Performs test of lock primitives.
kcutiltest cond [-th num][-iv num]rnum
Performs test of condition variable primitives.
kcutiltest para [-th num][-iv num]rnum
Performs test of parallel processing.
kcutiltest file [-th num][-rnd][-msiz num]pathrnum
Performs test of the file system abstraction.
kcutiltest lhmap [-rnd][-bnum num]rnum
Performs test of doubly-linked hash map.
kcutiltest thmap [-rnd][-bnum num]rnum
Performs test of memory-saving hash map.
kcutiltest talist [-rnd]rnum
Performs test of memory-saving array list.
kcutiltest misc rnum
Performs test of miscellaneous mechanisms.

Options feature the following.

-th num : specifies the number of worker threads.
-iv num : specifies the interval between iterations.
-rnd : performs random test.
-msiz num : specifies the size of the memory-mapped region.
-bnum num : specifies the number of buckets of the hash table.

This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.


2012-05-24 Man Page