KMAG(1) KMagnifier User's Manual KMAG(1)

kmag - Screen magnifier


kmag, also known as KMagnifier is a screen magnifier. You can use KMagnifier to magnify a part of the screen just as you would use a lens to magnify a newspaper fine-print or a photograph. This application is useful for a variety of people: from researchers to artists to web-designers to people with low vision.

More detailed user documentation is available from help:/kmag (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/kmag).
There is also further information available at the KDE accessibility project home page.[1]

KMagnifier was written by Olaf Schmidt <> and Sarang Lakare <> and Michael Forster <>

Lauri Watts <>


the KDE accessibility project home page.
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