jose-jws-fmt - Converts a JWS between serialization formats

jose jws fmt -i JWS [-I PAY] [-o JWS] [-O PAY] [-c]

The jose jws fmt command converts a JWS into alternative serialization formats. For example, it can:

1.Attach payload to a detached JWS.
2.Detach payload from a JWS.
3.Convert JWS Compact Serialization to JWS JSON Serialization.
4.Convert JWS JSON Serialization to JWS Compact Serialization.

-i JSON, --input=JSON : Parse JWS from JSON
-i FILE, --input=FILE : Read JWS from FILE
-i -, --input=-: Read JWS from standard input
-I FILE, --detached=FILE : Read decoded payload from FILE
-I -, --detached=- : Read decoded payload from standard input
-o FILE, --output=FILE : Write JWS to FILE
-o -, --output=- : Write JWS to stdout (default)
-O FILE, --detach=FILE : Detach payload and decode to FILE
-O -, --detach=- : Detach payload and decode to standard output
-c, --compact : Output JWS using compact serialization

Attach payload to a detached JWS and emit JWS Compact Serialization:

$ jose jws fmt -i msg.jws -I msg.txt -o compact.jws -c

Detach payload from a JWS:

$ jose jws fmt -i msg.jws -o detached.jws -O msg.txt

Nathaniel McCallum <>

jose-jws-sig(1), jose-jws-ver(1)