INNERNET(8) System Administration Utilities INNERNET(8)

innernet - manual page for innernet 1.6.1

innernet [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

A client to manage innernet network interfaces.

Install a new innernet config
Enumerate all innernet connections
Bring up your local interface, and update it with latest peer list
Fetch and update your local interface with the latest peer list
Uninstall an innernet network
Bring down the interface (equivalent to 'wg-quick down <interface>')
Add a new peer
Rename a peer
Add a new CIDR
Delete a CIDR
List CIDRs
Disable an enabled peer
Enable a disabled peer
Add an association between CIDRs
Delete an association between CIDRs
List existing assocations between CIDRs
Set the local listen port
Override your external endpoint that the server sends to other peers
Generate shell completion scripts
Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

Verbose output, use -vv for even higher verbositude
[default: /etc/innernet]
[default: /var/lib/innernet]
Whether the routing should be done by innernet or is done by an external tool like e.g. babeld
Specify a WireGuard backend to use. If not set, innernet will auto-select based on availability [default: kernel] [possible values: kernel, userspace]
Specify the desired MTU for your interface (default: 1280)
Print help
Print version
December 2023 innernet 1.6.1