INNERNET-SERVER(8) System Administration Utilities INNERNET-SERVER(8)

innernet-server - manual page for innernet-server 1.6.1

innernet-server [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

A server to coordinate innernet networks.

Create a new network
Permanently uninstall a created network, rendering it unusable. Use with care
Serve the coordinating server for an existing network
Add a peer to an existing network
Disable an enabled peer
Enable a disabled peer
Rename an existing peer
Add a new CIDR to an existing network
Delete a CIDR
Generate shell completion scripts
Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

[default: /etc/innernet-server]
[default: /var/lib/innernet-server]
Whether the routing should be done by innernet or is done by an external tool like e.g. babeld
Specify a WireGuard backend to use. If not set, innernet will auto-select based on availability [default: kernel] [possible values: kernel, userspace]
Specify the desired MTU for your interface (default: 1280)
Print help
Print version
December 2023 innernet-server 1.6.1