tca_correct - Calculate transverse chromatic aberration

tca_correct [options] inputfile

<inputfile> is the base name of 4 image files:

Colour file to compute TCA parameters
Red channel of <inputfile>
Green channel of <inputfile>
Blue channel of <inputfile>

The channel images must be colour images with 3 identical channels. If any of -R, -G, or -B is given, this file name is used instead of the derived name.

Output: commandline arguments for fulla

Generates fulla command-line parameters for correction of transverse chromatic aberration (TCA) from sample photos. Ideal sample photos would have a lot of contrast over the entire image area, little saturated colour and no blown highlights.

Display help
input file is PTO file instead of image
optimization method (0 normal, 1 newfit)
string of variables to optimize ("abcvde")
Reset values (this will zero a,b,c,d,e params and set v to 10) makes sense only with -l option
Scale for corner detection
number of points per grid cell (default: 10)
divide image in <number>x<number> grid cells (default: 10)
Remove all control points with an error higher than num pixels (default: 1.5)
Saves the tca data into Hugin lens database
write PTO file
Use this file as red channel
Use this file as green channel
Use this file as blue channel

Written by Pablo d'Angelo and others.

2024-04-03 "Version: 2023.0.0"