HTS(1) General Commands Manual HTS(1)

hts - httptunnel server

hts [options] [port]

This manual page briefly documents the hts command.

hts listens for incoming httptunnel connections at PORT (default port is 8888). When a connection is made, I/O is redirected to the destination specified by the --device or --forward-port switch.

The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options are included below.

Show summary of options.
use HTTP PUT requests of BYTES size (k, M, and G postfixes recognized)
use DEVICE for input and output
connect to PORT at HOST and use it for input and output
send keepalive bytes every SECONDS seconds (default is 5)
maximum time a connection will stay open is SEC seconds (default is 300)
always write Content-Length bytes in requests
output version information and exit
write a PID file to LOCATION

This manual page was contributed by Teemu Hukkanen <>, and was originally written for the Debian GNU/Linux system.