LXT2VCD(1) Filetype Conversion LXT2VCD(1)

lxt2vcd - Converts LXT2 files to VCD

lxt2vcd [option]... [LXT2FILE]

Converts LXT2 files to VCD files on stdout. If an output filename is not specified, the VCD is emitted to stdout. Note that "regular" LXT2 files will convert to VCD files with monotonically increasing time values. LXT2 files which are dumped with the "partial" option (to speed up access in wave viewers) will dump with monotonically increasing time values per 2k block of nets. This may be fixed in later versions of lxt2vcd.

Specify LXT2 input filename.
Specify optional VCD output filename.
Emit flattened hierarchies.
Do not shorten bitvectors. This disables binary value compression as described in the IEEE-1364 specification. (i.e., all values except for '1' left propagate as a sign bit on vectors which do not fill up their entire declared width)
Display help then exit.

To run this program the standard way type:

The VCD conversion is emitted to stdout.

lxt2vcd does not re-create glitches as these are coalesced together into one value change during the writing of the LXT2 file.

Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

vcd2lxt2(1) vcd2lxt(1) gtkwave(1)

3.3.39 Anthony Bybell