FSTMINER(1) Dumpfile Data Mining FSTMINER(1)

fst2miner - Data mining of FST files

fstminer [option]... [FSTFILE]

Mines FST files for specific data values and generates gtkwave save files to stdout for future reload.

Specify FST input dumpfile.
Specifies "bitwise" match data (binary, real, string)
Specifies hexadecimal match data that will automatically be converted to binary for searches
Indicates that only facnames should be printed in a gtkwave savefile compatible format. By doing this, the file can be used to specify which traces are to be imported into gtkwave.
Indicates that results are not to stop after the first match. This can be used to extract all the matching values in the trace.
Show help screen.

fstminer dumpfile.fst --hex 20470000 -n

fstminer only prints the first time a value is encountered for a specific net. This is done in order to cut down on the size of output files and to aid in following data such as addresses through a simulation model.

Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

vztminer(1) lxt2miner(1) fst2vcd(1) vcd2fst(1) gtkwave(1)

3.3.38 Anthony Bybell